Update on Enforcement action in Bagshot


Thursday, 24 October, 2019

​​Swift Lane in Bagshot contains a Community Recycling Centre managed by Surrey County Council (SCC). Next to this facility is an authorised traveller site, managed by SCC. 

Over a number of years various unauthorised activities have been established next to the authorised site including a car dealership and static caravan site, which do not have planning permission. 
Planning Enforcement Notices were issued by Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) against the landowner, Mr Tommy Lee, in February 2017, which he unsuccessfully appealed. Mr Lee subsequently failed to adhere to the compliance period set by the Planning Inspectorate.  
As a result on October 16, 2019 enforcement action began by SHBC in conjunction with SCC to remove the unauthorised elements of the site, which are on land owned by both SHBC and Mr Lee, and secure the land against future unauthorised activity.  
The occupiers of the caravans and the car sales business owner had previously been served notice to leave the site due to the works. 
This action, expected to take several weeks, is currently ongoing.
The Bagshot Community Recycling Centre (CRC) is closed while the works take place. Information on alternative CRCs is available at surreycc.gov.uk/waste-and-recycling/community-recycling-centres