#TalkSurreyHeath, 3 May 2018, Answers to the unanswered questions


Monday, 21 May, 2018



The latest #TalkSurreyHeath meeting took place at Surrey Heath House on 3 May 2018.  You find out more and watch the broadcast again here. 
Due to the one-hour duration of the broadcast the panel unfortunately did not have enough time to answer all the questions submitted. These questions and SHBC's replies are below. 
We will be running another #TalkSurreyHeath event in Autumn 2018. 


The Plan is an advance over last year’s version because it contains quantified targets.  For example, a target last year was ‘Increase in Council Tax Base’.  This year the target is a more meaningful ‘Increase in Council Tax base above 35,787’ But it would be even more helpful if the Plan compared the targets with the current level of performance.  


The current level of performance is monitored and reported on internally.  Statutory performance targets are also benchmarked across Surrey.   


Does the council have any plans to improve its internal operations – such as reducing the energy consumption of Surrey Heath House, or its own recycling rate, or tackling any gender imbalance within council staff, or minimising staff absenteeism?  Are such factors outside the scope of the Plan? – and would it be helpful for the introduction to the Plan to say what it does, and does not, cover?  


Performance of all areas is monitored internally.  Noted regarding the suggestion regarding the introduction.  


Are there any other important targets NOT included in the Plan?  


Performance of all areas is monitored internally.   


Are you going to limit the number of coffee shops in town? 


Companies choose locations in response to perceived demand from the public and that the current number of coffee shops seems to represent the limit of demand at the current time, particularly as Love Coffee has recently closed. 


Why has the flooring not been finished in The Square shopping centre? There are tripping hazards! 


The refurbishment of The Square is still underway and is due to complete later this year. As part of the refurbishment new flooring will be laid throughout the shopping centre.  Please report tripping hazards to The Square’s management team – Tel: 01276 40 4110 email: information.camberley@montagu-evans.co.uk.