Surrey Heath Borough Council – Driving Improvements and tackling anti-social behaviour in Camberley town centre


Thursday, 22 December, 2022

On 20 December Cllr Shaun Garrett, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Transformation, Cllr Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health and Ward Councillor for St Michaels, Surrey Heath Police Officers, SHBC Parking and Enforcement Officers and representatives from Just Eat, Deliveroo, Camberley Eats met to discuss parking and waiting arrangements for food delivery drivers in Camberley town centre.  This meeting was convened following feedback from residents that there had been issues with drivers parking illegally and also gathering in large groups.   

Following these reports SHBC enforcement officers and Surrey Heath Police Officers have been conducting patrols in the town centre and engaging with delivery drivers to improve parking and also discouraging large groups of drivers gathering.  Tickets have also been issued when illegal parking has been identified. 

The meeting discussed possible solutions that will enable the food delivery companies to operationally fulfil customer orders efficiently and also improve how the drivers park and wait for the orders.  Several options were put forward including a specific area for drivers to meet that has cover, toilet facilities and allocated parking areas for mopeds. 

Cllr Shaun Garrett said; “We are grateful to the food delivery companies for joining the meeting with us and the forthcoming productive discussion.   

Going forwards we have some options to consider to improve how delivery drivers wait and pick up food deliveries.  We know that many residents also enjoy having food delivered so we need to find a solution that works for everyone.  We will continue to work with the food delivery companies to improve how their drivers conduct themselves and park their vehicles in the town centre.”