Statement regarding Fairoaks site in Chobham


Monday, 27 June, 2022

Earlier this year SHBC consulted on our Draft Surrey Heath Local Plan, which sets out the Council’s preferred strategy to accommodate new development within the Borough until 2038. 

The Draft Local Plan strategy focuses development within the Western urban area of the Borough, and within established settlements. The Council's Draft Local Plan does not include the release of land from the Green Belt at Fairoaks, and does not allocate a new garden village at the Fairoaks site in Chobham.

Developers Countryside objected to the Council’s preferred strategy, and are promoting an alternative strategy to seek the release of land from the Green Belt at Fairoaks to accommodate 1,600 homes and supporting infrastructure, as set out in their recent media statement. 

Countryside are promoting their aspirations for development by submitting their objections to the Council’s preferred spatial strategy, as set out in the Draft Surrey Heath Local Plan.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Planning and Control Cllr Adrian Page said:

"The Fairoaks site has been promoted by developers as a potential Garden Village for a number of years. However, the site is located within the Green Belt and does not reflect the view or preferences of our residents, and does not form part of our preferred spatial strategy to accommodate development to meet the needs of our local communities.” 

The Council is in the process of assessing over 800 comments submitted in response to the Draft Surrey Heath Local Plan consultation which took place between March and May 2022. The Council's Executive Committee will consider a report on the key emerging issues before confirming its final preferred Local Plan strategy later this year.  

Further details and updates on the Draft Local Plan