SHBC shows its support for Ukraine


Wednesday, 2 March, 2022
Surrey Heath Borough Council has stated its solidarity with the people of Ukraine following the invasion by Russia. 
SHBC Leader Cllr Alan McClafferty said: “I express my dismay and horror at the attacks on Ukraine. It is clear that this should not be happening, and as a Council we condemn the invasion. 
“This council has a well-deserved reputation for aiding those in need, both our own residents and internationally. 
“We took in families from Syria who had been displaced by war, and were one of the first councils to volunteer to take in locally employed service personnel and their families from Afghanistan when they were being hunted, tortured and killed. 
“The government has not yet asked us to provide shelter for those affected by the events in Ukraine. However, if they do, I’m sure as a Council we will do everything we can to help. 
“We are raising the Ukraine flag outside the SHBC offices in Camberley in support of the people of Ukraine, both here in the Borough and abroad. 
“I commend the residents and businesses locally who are organising collections to support the humanitarian effort in the region – please do help if you can.” 
Follow our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter for details of local collections. 
Residents can also donate to support the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal