Postal voting for Elections - 6 May 2021


Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

Your vote matters. Don't lose it.

You may prefer to apply for a postal vote for the Elections being held on Thursday 6 May. 

You need to apply for a postal vote so that we can send you your ballot papers and you can return them in time to be counted in the Election. 

To ensure we can process your application for a postal vote as quickly as possible we encourage you to send your application directly to us. 

Postal votes are issued in batches, with cut off dates for each batch so the earlier we receive your application form the sooner we can send you your ballot papers. 

The final deadline for applications for postal votes is 5pm on Tuesday 20 April. 

Although you can choose to send a postal vote application form via a third party (including political parties) postal vote applications must be with us by the final deadline.  

You can download a postal vote application form or request one by emailing The address you need to send it to is at the top of the form.