Parking at Frimley Lodge Park


Monday, 10 July, 2017

Surrey Heath Borough Council is working to ensure safe and responsible parking at Frimley Lodge Park.

Recent instances of irresponsible parking during busy times has caused congestion, blocked access (including for emergency vehicles) and reduced sight lines for motorists and pedestrians, leading to safety issues.

Frimley Lodge Park has three main car parking areas. There is further capacity on some of the road verges around the park. An overflow parking area is opened up at busy times.

The park is extremely successful but, at peak times, severe congestion can occur, mainly through people parking outside of the designated parking areas.

For the past three months SHBC Parking Services have worked to encourage motorists to park in the correct areas, handing out warning notices to those parking outside of the official car parks.

Additional signs have also been erected in the park with details of the correct and incorrect parking areas, directing users to the parking areas, and warning of penalties for incorrect parking.

However the situation has not improved significantly despite these efforts, and as a result Parking Services are now enforcing Frimley Lodge Park car parks, with penalty charge notices being issued where cars are parked outside of the designated areas.

This is to ensure the safety of all park users.