Happy 10th birthday to The Atrium, Camberley


Thursday, 11 October, 2018


The Atrium is a large mixed-use development which completely transformed the Park Street side of Camberley when it completed in 2008.  The planning and build of the complex on a 7-acre site also signalled the start of Camberley’s regeneration.  


The Atrium has brought over 230 residential units to the town centre; a strong entertainment offer - 9 screen cinema, bowling, restaurants, adult and a children’s gym, a soft play centre and a ballet school as well as retail which includes Next, H&M, Pandora, Sports Direct and Lidl.    


The Atrium and its tenants employ approximately 600 people. 


If you have known Camberley for while you will remember the totally different view from Pizza Express then there is now.  Park Street was also transformed as part of the development work and now provides a safe, pedestrian prioritised area. 


The Atrium provides a wide range of social activities for all ages and cultures and has been a very positive addition to Camberley town centre.