Former Windlemere Golf Course, West End


Tuesday, 31 July, 2018

We are aware of a traveller incursion at the former Windlemere Golf Course, West End, and are working with the relevant agencies to resolve the situation.

Further updates will be posted when available.

UPDATE 31 July 2.55pm

The travellers will be served notice this afternoon to leave the site.

If they do not comply with this notice we have obtained a court date for this Thursday (2 August).

UPDATE 1 August 1.30pm

Our Enforcement Team will be visiting the incursion site at the former Windlemere Golf Club this afternoon to serve summonses on those occupying the land, with a court hearing date set for 2pm tomorrow (2 Aug).

UPDATE 7 August

Those occupying the site have now left following an eviction order being enforced yesterday by SHBC, assisted by Surrey Police, and external bailiffs.

SHBC officers are now working to clean up and secure the site. We would like to thank Surrey Police for their assistance in this process.