Environmental improvements in Surrey Heath secured from Esso


Thursday, 5 January, 2023

Esso have confirmed the projects that they will support as part of their Environmental Investment Programme linked to the Southampton to London Pipeline replacement project.  

The Environmental Investment Programme comprises a range of voluntary activities along the replacement pipeline route to fund and/or carry out works within designated sites and/or areas of social/community importance.   

These projects are in addition to any mitigation/reinstatement activities identified within Esso's Environmental Statement.  These include the removal of invasive species to improve the quality of woodland, enhancing habitats for wildlife, along with environmental protection works.  

It includes works at Frimley Fuel Allotments, Windlemere SANGs, St Catherine’s SANGs, and Turf Hill. Furthermore the project team have used timber from a felled tree to make benches to be installed at Turf Hill, the locations for which will be agreed in conjunction with the residents' association.  Details of the projects to be funded can be found below.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Community Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans said: “The value of works secured for Surrey Heath is the highest of any borough that the pipeline runs through. It equates to £80,000 worth of environmental improvement projects within the borough.  

“While this does not outweigh the disturbance the installation of the pipeline has caused for local residents, I acknowledge the contribution from Esso in committing to funding the environmental improvements that these projects will deliver.” 

Esso’s Southampton to London Pipeline project is replacing 90km of the underground fuel pipeline between Boorley Green, Hampshire and the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow. The existing pipeline runs from west to east in Surrey Heath, entering the Borough in Frimley Green and exiting into Runnymede from Chobham Common.    

Works have been taking place since late 2021 and are due to be completed next year.  

Find out more on the Southampton to London Pipeline Project website  

Surrey Heath's Projects





Frimley Fuel Allotments

Flow reduction within 1km open watercourse through public access Fuel Allotments, to include installation of new recycled plastic flow restriction points that will allow the creation of new sections of wetland channel.


Additional wetland areas will provide suitable ground conditions for reed planting to provide wildlife habitat and help to remove potential contaminates from the connecting suburban surface water catchment.

Windlemere SANGS



Installation of bat boxes, signage, and benches.

Flow reduction within 350m open watercourse through public access land to provide series of new pond, wetland and surface water attenuation areas.

Existing open watercourse channel to have new recycled plastic flow controls structures installed and selective planting to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.

For environment, education and community benefit, as well as reducing flood risk.


Windlemere SANGS


Native Tree and Hedgerow planting scheme.

For education and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive

Improvements to balancing pond at Balmoral Drive to remove invasive planting and redress silt levels and new appropriate planting.


To enhance the water environment and associated habitat in interests of biodiversity and climate change.

Turf Hill - Herons Court Lake

Stabilisation of the existing lake outfall structure to include new sheet pile embankment and clay liner.



Reduced flood risk to approximately 50 residential properties downstream of Herons Court Lake and retention of sufficient water levels within the lake to maintain established wildlife.

Turf Hill

Targeted birch clearance within the heathland complex.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Turf Hill

Replace old information boards and the notice board within the car park to include ecological information gained from surveys.

For education and community benefit.

Turf Hill

Installation of bird boxes, bat boxes Stag Beetle stumperies, log and brash piles and Lace Wing boxes in wooded areas on periphery of site.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Turf Hill

Undertaking targeted eradication of Gaultheria and Bracken

For environment and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Acidic grassland habitat throughout St Catherine’s Road SANG to provide habitats to reflect the surrounding geology.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Installation of bird and bat boxes, log and brash piles, and loggaries.

To enhance the environment and associated habitat.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Contribution to signage to inform the public of the ecology within the Balmoral Drive Complex and St Catherine’s Road SANG


For education and community benefit.

Balmoral Drive / St Catherine’s Road SANG

Installation of three new benches.

For community benefit.