Driving Improvement for the Community


Tuesday, 23 August, 2022

SHBC logoSurrey Heath Borough Council is working hard to tackle the issues that matter to residents.

Through our new 'Driving Improvement' campaign we are enhancing our work against anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. The Council is also hugely committed to improving the environment in the Borough, with tree planting an important aspect of this work.  

SHBC’s 'Driving Improvement' campaign focuses on these three aspects of life in Surrey Heath. The Council is engaging with local people and working with local partners to tackle problems identified, and promote work to protect and enhance the environment, to make Surrey Heath an even better place to live.  

SHBC Leader Cllr Alan McClafferty said: “From our Five Year Strategy consultation, which was the largest and most comprehensive resident consultation this Council ever carried out, we heard loud and clear that our residents wanted us to continue to keep Surrey Heath one of the safest places to live in the country. However, what disturbs far too many of our residents is anti-social behaviour (ASB).   

“We will be working even harder with our police service to tackle ASB. We will be undertaking more joint patrols, and a greater multi-agency focus to deliver a more joined-up approach in tackling hotspots, and undertaking more visual audits to help identify the action that is likely to be most effective. Furthermore, in cases of persistent ASB where actions to curb it have not been successful, we will escalate the matter to a joint task force to resolve.”  

For more information on dealing with ASB visit the Noise, nuisance and pollution pages of the SHBC website  

A very close second priority highlighted in the consultation was protecting and enhancing the environment.   

Cllr McClafferty said: “SHBC is in the top tier of recycling percentages nationwide, and is one of the greenest boroughs in the country - but there is always more that can be done. We have set a goal of planting 4,000 new trees in the borough by the end of planting season in March 2023 – and are halfway towards it already. Residents are encouraged to contact SHBC to suggest where they would like to see trees planted within the Borough - email suggestions to business.services@surreyheath.gov.uk  

“This will form part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative launched in her Platinum Jubilee Year, as well as contributing to Surrey County Council’s goal to see 1.2 million new trees planted by 2030.”  

You can read more about our Climate Change and sustainability work on our website  

Fly-tipping is the third aspect the Driving Improvement campaign is focusing on.  

Cllr McClafferty said: “We are stepping up our activities tackling and prosecuting fly-tippers. We have identified common sites for dumping, and will be employing the latest technology to catch the perpetrators. This is alongside our ongoing efforts to analyse fly-tips for details of where the rubbish has come from, to better target and prosecute the criminals who damage our environment.”    

You can report fly-tipping via the SHBC website   

Follow our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, for details of future engagement events across the Borough.

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