Climate Change Action update


Thursday, 14 July, 2022

Surrey Heath Borough Council is committed to tackling climate change and promoting sustainability. 

We adopted our Climate Change Action Plan in March 2021 – here's an update on some of the ways we are working towards its targets:  

  • So far this year our Greenspace Team have already planted more than 2,000 trees across the borough. 100% of all green waste from our parks and greenspaces is recycled - composted, chipped and used back on paths and beds around Surrey Heath.   
  • Energy audits are underway for Council-operated buildings to further improve efficiency, reduce energy use and maximise the potential for renewable generation.   

  • Through our partnership with Action Surrey, nearly 100 households in Surrey Heath accessed energy saving home improvement grants between in the year to March 2022. This has supported works worth more than £750,000 and achieved around 97 tonnes of carbon savings.   

  • Carbon reduction objectives continue to be embedded into decision-making processes in the Council, including a 'Climate Change and Environment considerations' section in all Executive Reports. 

  • We will continue to contribute to the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change throughout the Borough through our Local Plan.  

  • An SHBC employee survey has been carried out to understand the carbon impact of commuting and identify options for sustainable travel for staff.   

  • Camberley Theatre has taken many steps to reduce its environmental impact – already plastic free, the latest initiative involves partnering with Ecologi to offer audiences the opportunity to offset the carbon impact of their journey to and from the theatre by planting trees.    

  • In February, the Council declared an Ecological Emergency alongside the Climate Emergency, furthering its commitment to protecting the natural environment and enhancing biodiversity.  

  • Council staff are undergoing carbon literacy training so we can tackle climate change together.   

  • SHBC is supporting the Highways Authority to develop an on-street charging network for electric vehicles, as well as planning for charging points in Council car parks.     

Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health, Cllr Colin Dougan, said: “As a council we are working hard to embed climate change and sustainability considerations into decisions and actions taken across the organisation, with several significant projects to be announced in the coming months. We are working with partners to meet our climate change targets, and encourage local people and businesses to play their part in increasing sustainability, and tackling climate change.”  

If you want to learn more about climate change and how you can make a difference visit the Sustainable Surrey Heath webpages at 

For more information about SHBC’s actions on Climate Change visit  

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