Bin Collection Strike Information - 3 August


Wednesday, 3 August, 2022

The GMB union are currently taking strike action in Surrey Heath. This has arisen from a dispute between the GMB and the waste contractor Amey over pay. The union has confirmed that they intend to continue their strike action until 19 August. 

Although most of the Amey staff are not members of the GMB, the Union has been attempting to physically block other staff and their vehicles from going out on their morning rounds. The police have been dealing with this, and as a result staff were able to set off on their rounds on time today.   

Although the strike action is resulting in fewer staff being available to work, they are still managing to pick up medical waste, and the vast majority of food waste and residual waste bins. However, the dry mixed recycling bin and the garden waste bin have not been collected again today.

Please continue to report missed collections via the JWS website if you are able to do so. 

This is clearly a very frustrating situation for everyone, so please can we take this opportunity to thank you again for your understanding as we try our best to deal with this difficult situation.