Money Worries Advice

The below information has been prepared by Citizens Advice Surrey Heath and Beacon Frontline Debt Advice.

I have no money!

To access the local foodbank, fresh food stalls or free community meals contact Frontline or Citizens Advice.

If you need money for essential items apply online to the Surrey Crisis Fund on the Surrey Council Council website.

There may be hardship funds available, contact Citizens Advice Surrey Heath to check if you are eligible.

I'm struggling to pay bills

A benefits check will show if you could claim any extra benefits: follow this link to see.

Work out your household budget so you know what you're earning and spending: visit the Citizen's Advice website for more information.

If you're struggling with energy bills you might be eligible for the Warm Home Discount or local heating grants.

Identify any areas where you may be able to cut costs with the Money Saving Expert website.

Consider applying to a local charity for help with a one-off expense or bill:

I'm worried about debt

  1. Prioritise your debts and make sure you pay rent/mortgage, council tax, CCJs, tax, court fines and TV licences.
  2. Contact your creditors to explain your situation and see if they will negotiate terms.
  3. Work out your budget to calculate what you can afford to repay each month.
  4. Seek professional advice about your long term debt options

What are my debt priorities?

If you have debts your priorities are in this order:

  1. Rent/mortgage
  2. Secured loans
  3. Council tax
  4. Energy bills
  5. Phone/internet
  6. TV licence
  7. Court fines
  8. Overpaid tax credits
  9. HP
  10. Income tax
  11. Unpaid child maintenance.

Additional advice

Frontline Debt Advice

Tel: 07539 747564


Citizens Advice

Tel: 01276 417900