Moving Forward

5 people jogging towards the camera

Surrey Heath Physical Activity Strategy 2022-2027

Physical activity plays a key role in the health and wellbeing of our community, with impacts on wider agendas such as community safety, social cohesion and the climate emergency. In line with our regional and national partners such as Active Surrey and Sport England, Surrey Heath Borough Council has created a physical activity strategy that highlights priority areas for the next five years where the Council will concentrate its efforts.
The vision of the strategy is to create an environment where all Surrey Heath residents, regardless of age, background or circumstances, have the opportunity to participate in physical activity in a way that works for them.
Based a number on areas of research and engagement with residents, six key themes have been identified which will form the pillars of Moving Forward. These are:
  • Recover and Reinvent
  • Connecting Communities
  • Making Activity Accessible
  • Stronger Connections with Health and Wellbeing
  • Active Environments
  • Children and Young People
Within each theme of the strategy is a table of objectives for delivery in the current year, followed by a number of wider goals that will be achieved over the duration of the strategy period. Each January, officers will review performance against targets from the previous year and set the action plan for the year ahead.
Achieving the full range of targets in the strategy will only be possible by collaborating with our spectrum of partners and empowering local communities to deliver physical activity themselves.
View the full strategy document. Please note, a shorter summary document which can be enjoyed “at a glance” is currently in development and will appear on this webpage shortly.
If you would like to find out more about the strategy or have an idea how you can help us reach our goals, we would love to hear from you – please email