Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

SANG stands for Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace. These areas are created as enhanced and attractive green spaces that provide an enjoyable natural environment for recreational use and are provided as an alternative to the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA).

The Thames Basin Heaths SPAs are internationally important heathland sites that support rare birds such as the Dartford warbler and Nightjar that who are highly sensitive to visitors. SANGs are therefore provided to encourage recreational use to reduce pressure on the SPA.

Our SANG sites all have differing features; in some there are streams and ditches, others we have woodland and open heath. In all the sites we establish high quality habitats that provide a rich wildlife interest. We sustainably manage these areas encouraging all native species of flora and fauna.

When people visit our SANG sites each one is a slightly different countryside experience. All SANG sites have circular routes that you can walk around of differing lengths depending on the site.

Chobham Place Woods, Off Windsor Road (B383) GU24 8TN

A mature broadleaf wood approximately 17 hectares, which once belonged to Chobham Place House lying to the south. This area and Round Pond to the east are on the edge of Chobham Common. There is a range of tree species most of that are semi mature or mature. The age of the woodland and general lack of disturbance over a long period of time have allowed a wide diversity of animal species to colonise. The wood provides pleasant woodland walks. Parking on site, 2m height restriction.

Chobham Water Meadows, High Street, Chobham, GU24 8LZ

Chobham Water Meadows is a scenic and peaceful 23.5 hectare SANG site. This beautiful location offers many natural paths for walking and includes a 2.5k circular route along the banks of the River Bourne. Visitors are welcome to exercise their dogs, to cycle, to run, or just to amble through this special place taking in the meadow vistas, woodland boundaries and the gentle River Mill Bourne. Also part Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). 2 hours free parking, 2m height restriction.

St Catherine’s SANG, St Catherine’s Road, Frimley, GU16 8NS

A small 1.62 hectare site in an urban setting in Frimley, near to the old Clewborough School playing field site. The site comprises native trees, shrubs grassland and a footpath network. This small open meadow is a haven for wildlife and wildflowers, as well as there being bluebells on site. There are a number of corridors providing dedicated pedestrian access through the site that link St Catherine’s Road and Frith Hill Way to the east with Buckingham Way to the west. There is very limited parking on site.

Windlemere SANG, Windlesham Road, GU24 9QL

Windlemere SANG is our newest SANG with 15 hectares of natural beauty. Previously Windlemere Golf Club, we have been working towards re-wilding this area and increasing the biodiversity of the site and restoring natural habitats. There are still some recognisable golf club features such as bunkers and rows of conifer trees that formed the fairway, but there are many newly established features changing the aesthetics of the site. There are now three wildflower meadows and a wildflower bank that have been sown with 100% British Wildflower mix. These areas will make a valuable contribution for pollinators as we come into the spring season, as well as adding colour to the site in the spring. We have four ponds that form conservation areas due to the presence of Great Crested Newts. These areas are fenced to preserve the habitats. 
There are benches to perch on at various vantage points around the circular walk if you would like to see the whole site - you may spot a Roe Deer or two if you are lucky. Visitors are welcome to exercise their dogs, to cycle, to run, or just to amble through this wonderful new SANG. Please note there is no public bridleway and horse riding is not permitted. Parking on site, 2m height restriction. There is a 2.3km circular route on site starting from the small vehicle gate. For full details see the route here.
Windlemere SANG map of 2.5km circular walk
If you have any queries, please contact Surrey Heath Borough Council on 01276 707100.

Windlemere Community Orchard

Planted in November 2022, a partnership project between Surrey Heath Borough Council, West End Village Society and Surrey Heath Tree Wardens. This orchard contains a variety of native species including Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry and Walnut. A community project that will bring an abundance of fruit in the future for all to pick.