Grass Cutting Operations, Vegetation and Hedge Cutting

The grounds maintenance contract encompasses the following activities in Surrey Heath:
  • Groundsman service at Frimley Lodge Park and Lightwater Country Park
  • Play Area inspections and maintenance
  • Grass cutting
  • Shrub/vegetation maintenance
  • Tennis court maintenance
  • 3G and grass pitch maintenance
  • Fine turf and golf course maintenance
  • Bin emptying and litter picking
  • Pavilion/Public toilet cleaning
For all queries relating to grounds maintenance, please email or call 01276 707100.

Grass cutting

The main cutting season is from April to September, although as the weather impacts on schedules the first cut may happen in March with a final cut in October or November. 

Most parks and open spaces are cut 12 times a year. This excludes long grass areas, wildflower areas, Surrey County Council rural verges and areas within Windlesham Parish Council that have requested a higher frequency of cuts.

If you would like to check the grass cutting dates for your road, please see the link below and enter your road name or postcode. If you have any queries, please email Glendale directly on You can also visit Glendale's website for more information.

Grass cutting – Amenity Areas

Amenity areas are cut 12 times a year in parks and open spaces to allow for large areas for recreation, events and other activities to take place, or where there is a need to maintain visibility, access or highway safety. 

All open spaces are being reviewed over the course of the five year contract with Glendale to ensure that we protect wildlife and enhance biodiversity as much as possible. 

Long grass regimes will be considered carefully in order to avoid creating a fire hazard and ensure safety is maintained along pathways and at roadsides. 

The in-house Greenspace Team are also introducing more wildflower areas this year, expanding on those areas developed since 2019. 


Grass cutting – Surrey County Council owned highway verges

We also cut highway verges on behalf of SCC. 

SCC classify their highway verges as either ‘urban’ or ‘rural’. 

  • Urban verges are cut 12 times a year and aligned with our general amenity areas. 
  • Rural verges are cut twice a year.

All verges are cut to a minimum of a 1m ‘swathe’ or strip with the exception of sightlines and central reservations where a full width cut of the verge is undertaken. 

The areas are cut in accordance with the maps and schedules provided by SCC. 

We do not carry out any shrub/hedge cutting on behalf of SCC. 

For more information on verges and grass cutting, please visit Surrey County Council’s website.

If you have any queries or suggestions about verge cutting, please contact the Highways Department at Surrey County Council. Their highways team will be able to make recommendations which still ensure that highway safety is maintained. Alternatively, please email:

Surrey Heath will be happy to make any recommended changes, subject to Surrey County Council approval and change of instruction.


Grass Cutting - Surrey County Council road closures (high-speed roads)

SCC provide two road closures p/a for high speed roads. Surrey Heath are contracted to cut the grass during these closures. 

The road closures and dates of the closures are arranged by SCC and their contractors. 

Surrey Heath are not responsible for cutting vegetation or litter picking on SCC verges.

The verges are litter picked by the waste contractors, Amey, during the road closures and prior to the grass cutting. 

All verges are cut in accordance with the maps and schedules provided by SCC. If you have any queries surrounding the timing of the closures, please contact Surrey County Council directly via


Vegetation and Hedge Cutting

Surrey Heath cut back shrubs and hedges in parks and open spaces once a year in September. This is outside the bird nesting season.

Overgrown vegetation on a Surrey County Council (SCC) highway verge

SCC is responsible for cutting back shrubs or vegetation on SCC land or highway verges.

If you would like to raise a query or report a problem with a hedge on a highway email SCC directly at or report it via their website.