Casual elections work

Information about casual elections work.

Casual elections work

During election time, we are always looking for casual staff to help us with a variety of roles.

To undertake election or canvassing duties you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be entitled to work in the UK (in accordance with the provisions of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996)

Please note polling and count staff must not work on behalf of a candidate during an election campaign or be related to a prospective candidate.


Below is a list of the election job roles:

  • electoral registration canvasser
  • presiding officer
  • poll clerk
  • count staff
  • postal votes staff

Rates of pay 

The rates of pay for election staff vary depending on the job role and the type of election.  The amounts will be confirmed prior to an election.
In the run up to an election we will write to all registered staff and ask them to indicate their availability. If you indicate that you are available we will contact you with a Letter of Appointment which must be signed and returned by the deadline indicated.
The Returning Officer appoints polling staff, counting staff and some staff for other duties, for example, clerks for the issue and opening of postal votes.