Jissen Karate Surrey - Chobham Club

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Chobham Community Centre
McMahon Close, Windsor Road
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Philip Holt

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07856 888 192

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  • Karate

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  • Leisure Organisation

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The Club name ñ Jissen (じっせん) is Japanese for combat / actual fighting

The style of karate practiced is Seiki Juku (meaning ìTrue Spiritî) which is kyokushin based. It is not merely a style of karate, but a philosophy, laying great emphasis on safety, discipline and the building of confidence. Unfortunately, crime including physical violence is on the increase. Hopefully you or your family will never be in a situation where you have to defend yourself, but should you find yourself in such a position, Karate could be the deciding factor. Not only does Karate teach you self-defence, it also provides a high level of fitness, flexibility and therefore all of the physical attributes required to cope with a violent situation should it arise. Plus it is enjoyable to learn.