High Streets Community Clean Up 2019/20

Opening date: Monday 1st April 2019
Closing date:  Monday 22nd April 2019

£15k of funding has been allocated to Surrey Heath by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for existing community groups in Surrey Heath to undertake community-led high street and town/village centre clean ups.  

How much is available?

Groups can apply for a grant up to £1000.   

All successful bids will also receive a further £500 donation to their own organisation as a reward for delivering their scheme or project.

Why such a short deadline?

The council was notified of this funding by the MHCLG on Monday 18th March 2019. The MHCLG has established this funding on the condition that it is allocated as quickly as possible. In order to try and meet this condition, it is necessary to impose a short deadline for applications.

Who can apply?

Any community group that is based within the Surrey Heath borough boundary e.g. youth groups, sports clubs, business associations, faith groups, residents groups - basically groups that meet the criteria below.

We can only accept one application per organisation.

Groups need to have:

  • A governing document (you must submit this alongside your application form).
  • Recent accounts or financial records (you must submit these alongside your application form).
  • A bank account in the name of the organisation with 2 unrelated cheque signatories.

What documents do I need to submit?

  1. A completed application form, including your bank details and completed declaration.
  2. Your governing document.
  3. Up to 5 photos of the area you want to clean up.
  4. A bank statement dated within the last three months.

What can the grants be used for?

There is flexibility in how this grant is used, but examples include:

  • Expanding community clean-ups already taking place;
  • Providing seed funding to resident groups to carry out clean up activity on high streets and town centres;
  • Tools and equipment for community groups to tidy up, scrub an area and/ or remove graffiti (e.g. high visibility vests, litter pickers, shovels, brushes, rakes, wheelbarrows, sacks, and gloves);
  • Promotional material;
  • Community events promoting clean up activity to the wider community.

We welcome applicants who will work together on a wide range of activities and share resources.

When should funded projects start and end?

Funded projects must take place between Wednesday 1st – Sunday 26th May 2019



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