High Sheriff Youth Awards

Helping young people make Surrey Safer

The High Sheriff Youth Awards give awards of between £500 and £5,000 to projects for young people that help reduce or prevent crime – and make communities stronger and safer by reaching out and helping others.

How to apply for an award

It is simple to apply for funding. Download an application form on the Surrey High Sheriff website – where you’ll find more about the High Sheriff Youth Awards in Surrey. Then submit it electronically. 
You can apply for money to start up a new scheme, or to develop an existing project. The High Sheriff Youth Awards prefer to fund schemes where young people are actively involved in the planning and delivery. 
The High Sheriff Youth Awards will also consider a repeat application for a further award to any project that tells us how young people have benefited positively from our funding – and that continues to meet our criteria.  
If your project ticks some of the following objectives, then there is a good chance it will receive an award from the High Sheriff Youth Awards:   
  • Show young people how to prevent and reduce crime. 
  • Tackle bad behaviour in your community. 
  • Make everyone, whatever age or cultural background, feel safer in your local area. 
  • Explore how crime affects victims and communities. 
  • Persuade others to care about the area around you. 
  • Encourage respect for other people’s property. 
  • Give young people places to go and things to do, wherever you live.
To ask questions about your application, email at applications@surreyhighsheriff.org
Registered charity No: 1101878