Fortnightly Mixed Recycling Collection

Please only put acceptable items listed below in the green recycling bin. 

Items should be;

  • clean (remove any food from packaging)
  • dry
  • loose (please do not bag items)

Make sure that you are Recycling Right. If you get it wrong, you will receive a Recycling Notification and we may not be able to empty your bin.


Material/item Examples
Paper & card
Sign for mixed paper and card
If you can rip it, you can recycle it!
  • newspapers/magazines
  • cardboard packaging

Please remember to remove any polystyrene and/or food from cardboard boxes

Cartons Sign
Both foil-lined and 'waxed' cartons can be recycled
Plastic packaging
Household Plastic Packaging Sign
  • plastic bottles
  • pots & tubs
  • trays
  • plastic bags
  • (stretchable) plastic wrapping

Find out more plastic packaging you can recycle

Cans, aerosols & foil

  • aluminium & steel cans
  • foil & foil trays
  • aerosols


Glass bottles & jars
Mixed Glass Bottles and Glass Sign
  • bottles
  • jars

If you want to recycle your glass separately, you can find your nearest bottle bank using My Surrey Heath


We do collect extra recycling

simply leave it next to your recycling bin on your collection day. 

Please avoid using black sacks if possible. If you do use sacks, please do not tie the top so that the crew can verify the content and only half fill the sack to avoid spills.


Find out where your recycling goes

(Surrey End Destinations Recycling Charter)