Noise and nuisance

View advice and guidance on managing noise and nuisance including when it is caused by anti-social behaviour.


Unwanted noise can cause both stress and sleep disturbance. The most common noise complaints we investigate relate to:

  • loud music or television
  • antisocial behaviour
  • barking dogs
  • intruder alarms
  • DIY

Before making a complaint, it is recommended that you try to resolve the problem first by speaking to the person causing the nuisance.

Noise complaints we cannot deal with

The following list outlines some of the common complaints we cannot deal with:

  • household noise. For example, talking, slamming doors, walking/ running up and down stairs, children playing, flushing toilets and noise between flats where laminated floors have been installed.
  • anonymous complaints
  • noise from the street
  • normal use of appliances such as washing machines, hoovers, dishwashers
  • occasional or one off noise


A statutory nuisance is determined under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Key factors when investigating a nuisance:

  • there must be a significant interference with the enjoyment and use of the complainant’s property.
  • it must substantially affect the enjoyment of comfortable living, such as loss of sleep, interfering with conversation or watching television
  • the problem must normally be continuous or frequent. Isolated acts, unless extreme, would not be considered to be a nuisance. For example one- off parties
  • factors such as unusual shift patterns, medical conditions or other sensitivities of the complainant cannot be taken into account when we decide if a particular problem is causing a statutory nuisance

Reporting noise or nuisance

If your complaint is in relation to anti-social behaviour please complete the report anti-social behviour online form.

For anything else, please contact the Environmental Health team by email on (link sends email) or call 01276 707100

The Council operates an out of hours noise complaint response service between 5pm Thursday to 8am Monday and bank holidays, to respond to complaints about excessive and unreasonable noise disturbance. This service can be accessed out of hours by calling 01276 707100.

Always call the police in an emergency.