Emergency Planning

What is emergency planning and who is responsible?

Surrey Heath Borough Council work to ensure that if a major Incident occurs in the county, the people of Surrey are protected and essential services are restored as quickly as possible, as required by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. This work involves emergency planning as well as business continuity.
We work to ensure that if an incident happens in the county, the people of Surrey are prepared and essential services are restored as quickly as possible.
Emergency planning is at the heart of the civil protection duty placed on local authorities, the emergency services and other Category 1 responders. Under this duty, local authorities are required to maintain plans for preventing and preparing for incidents, including reducing, controlling or mitigating the effects of incidents.
We work with different partners in a local resilience forum to ensure that plans are in place. Partners include emergency services, district and borough councils, health partners as well as voluntary and private organisations.
For more information about some of the different elements of this work please see the links below:

Residents can also see how they can prepare their community for emergencies.

5 ways you can be prepared this winter

Vulnerable people

  • Sign up to the Priority Services Register. This is a service offered by energy suppliers and network operators aimed at people who are vulnerable. Signing up to this can help you or your loved ones get additional support from utility and network providers both day-to-day and during unexpected emergencies.



Severe weather

  • The Met Office website provides a range of advice for winter readiness including road safety while driving, understanding weather warnings and how to keep your home warm in the winter, at Met Office Weather Ready
  • Register for Met Office Weather Warnings to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared for severe weather this winter, at Met Office Weather Warnings

General updates

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