Electric Vehicle Charging Point Survey Results

Officers conducted an online survey during the summer of 2021 to understand EV charging needs in the Borough. The survey was promoted on SHBC social media platforms, via email to targeted audiences and on posters in Council car parks. There were 559 responses and this document provides a summary of the results, which will inform the installation of charging points in Surrey Heath’s car park network. 

Almost all respondents (98%) currently had regular access to a car or van. A significant percentage (33%) had regular access to an electric vehicle already, higher than average expected ownership in the Borough. Therefore the sample of respondents skewed in favour of EV ownership. This is to be expected given the nature of the survey.                                                  Results indicate that EV ownership is expected to increase rapidly in the short to medium term; 63% respondents either owned or were planning to own an EV vehicle within the next five years.

Limited local infrastructure was viewed as the highest barrier to EV ownership. This was closely followed by concerns with battery range and cost of vehicle ownership. 

EV charging points in Council car parks are likely to support increased ease of transition to EVs in the Borough as 34% respondents were unable or unsure they would not be able to install an EV charging point at home.

Of those who responded, 82% would be willing to charge their vehicle overnight. This is important as there may be limited opportunity for multiple rapid chargers. 

Respondents indicated they would use a mix of charging points to charge their vehicle, and 55% would make use of EV charging points in Council Car Parks.

A small percentage of respondents had a business need for EV charging (16%). 

The majority of the survey respondents heard about the survey through Facebook (73%). 

The survey results evidence the requirement for local EV charging infrastructure in Surrey Heath car parks and on-street network. As EV ownership becomes more widespread, the necessity for charging points will increase so planning for future demand in current installation plans will be important. 


The following figures summarise the results

Figure 1 – Location of Overnight Parking

Graph to show results to the question where do you park this vehicle overnight?
As can be seen on the graph above, 441 responded 'I park off-street in my private driveway'; 16 people responded 'other'; 58 people responded 'I park on-street and do not have access to off-street parking'; 12 people responded 'I choose to park on the street but have access to off-street parking'; 20 people responded 'I park in a private owned car park' and 12 people responded 'I park in a Council owned car park'.

Figure 2 – Current levels of EV ownership

Graph to show results to the question do you currently own or have regular access to an electric vehicle?
As can be seen in the pie chart above, 67.08% people answered 'No', while 32.92% answered 'Yes'.

Figure 3 – Barriers to EV ownership

Graph to show results to the question would any factors act as a barrier to electric vehicle ownership?
As can be seen on the chart above, 102 responded "Limited choice (not many vehicles to choose from); 67 responded "Other"; 310 responded "Cost"; 318 responded "Battery: distance travelled on charge"; 158 responded "Inability to access private charging point at home"; 330 responded "Limited local charging infrastructure"; 122 responded "Cost of charging"; 57 responded "Value: resale/residual"; 59 responded "The vehicle: performance (e.g. speed/handling)"; and 42 responded "Technology: doesn't work/not proven".

Figure 4 – Expected Charging Point Use

Graph to show results to the question which charging points do you use/would you use to charge your electric vehicle?
As can be seen on the chart above, 461 responded "Home Off-Street Charging Point"; 48 responded "Other"; 224 responded "On-Street Charging Point"; 222 responded "Charging Point at Work"; 307 responded "Charging Point in Council Car Parks"; 369 responded "Charging Point in Retail Car Parks"; and 322 responded "Motorway Services Charging Point".

Figure 5 – Where Respondents Heard About the Survey

Graph to show results to the question where did respondents hear about this survey?


As you can see on the chart above, 72.76% responded "Facebook post"; 9.67% responded "Community board", 1.05% responded "Council website"; 5.8% responded "Email"; 8.26% responded Other, and 2.46% responded "Twitter".