Data Protection Impact Assessment


Ref Number     Project Name     Department     Data approved
n/a Car Parking using ANPR Car Parking Oct-14
n/a Use of hidden camera for fly tipping Enforcement Feb-15
n/a Traffic and Parking CCTV Car Parking Jun-16
DPIA 001/20 Barracuda ICT Jun-20
DPIA 002/20 Airtable ICT Sep-20
DPIA 003/20 Box ICT Jun-20
DPIA 004/20 Iken Legal Legal Services Sep-20
DPIA 006/20 ArtifaxCloud Theatre Bookings Theatre Nov-20
DPIA 007/20 SHBC RB Shared Community Services Community Services Oct-20
DPIA 008/20 Stone IT Disposal ICT Nov-20
DPIA 009/20 Next of Kin COVID Response Data Community Support 11/06/2020
DPIA 010/20 South East Water Emergency Response Applied Resiliance n/a
DPIA 011/20 SCC Local Tracing Partners SCC Nov-20
DPIA 012/20 Surrey Heath PCN Covid Vaccine support service Call Centre Jan-21
DPIA 013/21 CCTV Old Dean Recreational Ground Business Mar-21
DPIA 014/21 iTrent HR Apr-21
DPIA 015/21 DarkTrace ICT May-21
DPIA 016/20 Xmap  ICT Mar-20
DPIA 017/21 Sentinel Notification System Applied Resiliance Jun-21
DPIA 018/21 Watchetts Rec CCTV Business Jul-21
DPIA 019/21 Surrey Heath Diet Survey Commcial And Community Dev Aug-21
DPIA 020/21 Crowd Engage mobile tickets Theatre Sep-21
DPIA 021/21 Vulnerable Persons Reporting System Applied Resiliance Dec-21
DPIA 022/21 House on the Hill IG Office Dec-21
DPIA 023/22 Jotform ICT Feb-22
DPIA 024/22 Northgate Revenues and Benefits Revs & Bens May-20
DPIA 025/22 WorkVivo Intranet ICT Mar-22