Duties of the Mayor

The Mayoralty has for a long time been recognised as being, in the Borough, second only to Royalty and The Queen's Deputy, the Lord Lieutenant. On Surrey Heath premises the Mayor takes precedence over all except The Queen. This high standing is mainly one of honour and dignity, rather than actual legal powers.

The primary duty of the Mayor is to chair meetings of the Full Council. A Mayor chairing at any meeting of the Council will have a second or casting vote. The Mayor's decision on a point of order shall be final. It is the duty of the Mayor to ensure that the Council meetings are conducted in a seemly manner and in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Council's Standing Orders.

The Mayor takes the lead in all matters that concern the Civic life of the Borough, including appeal for funds for a local, national or international charity or disaster fund, making representations to the Government or celebrating the success of an individual or team of the Borough.

In addition the Mayor will also have a number of formal civic duties and will also receive a number of requests each year to support local organisations and activities.

The Mayor is a non-political post.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, the Council must appoint from amongst its Members a Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairman. Similarly the Deputy Mayor may chair meetings of the Full Council in the absence of the Mayor.