Personal Inspections of Land Charges Register

Following the announcements by HMRC in December 2016, we are implementing the introduction of VAT on all CON29 and CON29O products from 1st January 2017. This means that all our current prices for CON29 searches will be increased by 20% to reflect the VAT applied. 

From Monday 4th July 2016, the CON29 2016 edition took effect and the CON29 2007 edition is no longer available (we are therefore unable to accept search requests relating to the CON29 2007 edition from this date).

Please submit CON29 2016 edition search requests using the forms available via the Law Society website:


Between 10am and 4 pm Monday to Friday.

By telephoning Customer Services on 01276 707100 before 12 noon on the day preceding the date of search, subject to availability**.

If additional information to complete CON29 is required as formulated data prepared by Land Charges, this must be included in your appointment booking. For some CON29 questions it may not be possible to produce information for a ‘next day’ search booking: please email us to discuss this further and we can re-schedule your appointment as necessary.

A plan must be emailed by 1pm on the day preceding the search to If no plan is received by this time the personal search may not be carried out on that day.

Please state at the time of booking if there are additional questions. Fees are payable by cheque/card or cash at Customer Services on the Ground Floor of Surrey Heath House or by credit card when booking the search by phone.

The Land Charges Register is held on computer. Each individual agency will have a login and password to access their Personal Searches through a terminal in the Contact Centre at the Council. All employees of an agency will use the same login and password. The Personal Searcher will only be able to view their agencies searches for that day. Personal Searchers will not be able to view anybody else's searches. Printouts will not be available so Personal Searchers must be equipped to write down the information they require.

Public Registers
A Personal Searcher or any member of the public is entitled to inspect:

Register of Public Sewer Maps *
Maps of Public Rights of Way *
Register of Streets maintained at public expense is held in Land Charges

NB: These Registers are not owned or maintained by Surrey Heath Borough Council. Enquiries should be made of the appropriate agency.

(The Registers listed below can be found at Customer services at Surrey Heath Borough Council).

  • Register of Litter Control Areas
  • Register of Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Noise Abatement Zones (None in Surrey Heath Borough Council)
  • Register of Contaminated Land (None in Surrey Heath Borough Council)Register of Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices and Breach of Conditions Notices.
  • Register of Hazardous Substances Consents
  • Register of Ancient Hedgerows (None in Surrey Heath Borough Council)
  • Local Plan

Email/Fax Service
If you wish to use this service instead of visiting our offices to inspect the Land Charges Register. We will email or fax a search to you, on the day of your appointment for a fee of £22.65, we will include the Refined Data for CON29 at costs listed below. All fees must be paid in advance.

The charges below apply for refined data, prepared by Land Charges for each requested property.

Key to requirement Cost
1.1 J-L (Building regulations) £16.05 (£13.38 fee plus £2.67 VAT)
3.7 except (e) (Outstanding Notices – except (e) Highways) £8.05 (£6.71 fee plus £1.34 VAT)
3.8 (Contravention of building regulations) £8.05 (£6.71 fee plus £1.34 VAT)
3.9 (Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning Acts) £11.75 (£9.79 fee plus £1.96 VAT)
3.12 (Compulsory purchase) £8.05 (£6.71 fee plus £1.34 VAT)
3.13 (Contaminated land) £8.05 (£6.71 fee plus £1.34 VAT)
3.3(a)** (Drainage matters/SuDS) £8.05 (£6.71 fee plus £1.34 VAT)

** For some CON29 questions it may not be possible to produce information for a ‘next day’ search booking: please email us to discuss this further and we can re-schedule your appointment as necessary.

(Additional questions to those outlined in the table above may be available, upon request, and may not apply to ‘next day’ search bookings)

The above charges apply to each property/parcel of land.

This Local Authority does not hold data in an unrefined state and can only be viewed in a refined format due to the Computer System we have and Licensing implications.

Requests for these replies must be made at the time of booking the Personal Search appointment.

Highways related matters are the responsibility of Surrey County Council and no replies given by Surrey Heath Borough Council will include any matters pertaining to highways.

Highways enquiries should be referred to Surrey County Council, Highways Information Team Tel: 020 8541 8924.

Comments should be directed to Land Charges Manager.

To carry out a Personal Search and obtain information for free under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 please see: