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Update on Personal Search Bookings (7 August)

From midday on 7th August 2019 the booking system for Personal Searches will re-open: however, bookings can only be made by email.  Please see the link below for further information:


Update on Local Land Charges service suspension (31 July) 

Initially we understood that the software we use for Local Land Charges (LLC) would not be available during the migration to a new system, meaning that the service would need to be suspended during this time. However, we have since been advised that the software will be partially operational. Therefore we will continue to deliver LLC work - however turnaround times will be longer than normal as some checks will need to be done manually.
As a result the turnaround time during the affected period (from 9 August until mid-September) is likely to be around 10 days, which is slower than our current rate but is still in line with government guidelines. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.   
Once the new system is installed the procedure for using this service will change, we anticipate this is likely to be in mid-September. We will share more details on this as soon as we can via this webpage. 
To reassure all residents and local businesses - our planning and building control systems will continue to operate as normal during these changes. All aspects and functions of the planning portal will still be available as usual.    
We are sorry for any confusion this has caused and hope that this information is reassuring for those needing to use this service at this time. 

Following the announcements by HMRC in December 2016, we implemented the introduction of VAT on all CON29 and CON29O products from 1st January 2017. This means that all our current prices for CON29 searches increased by 20% to reflect the VAT applied. 

Do I need a Local Authority Search?

Almost all transactions involving the transfer of ownership of dwellings, commercial properties, or unoccupied land, will require a Local Authority Search to be conducted as part of the conveyancing process. Whatever the transaction, a Local Authority Search is a vital link in the conveyancing process and can reveal information which will guide your decision on whether to make an offer or not, whether to re-negotiate the deal or whether to pull out altogether. As such, it is vitally important that you ensure that you get the best possible product available.

What is a Local Authority Search?

There are a large number of companies which offer a Local Authority Search service, as well as your own District or Borough Council. These are known collectively as personal search companies (PSCs) and they produce, not surprisingly, personal searches (see below). However, all Local Authority Search products have one thing in common - they must obtain their information from the local authoritative source (your local council).

A search is comprised of up to four parts. A minimum requirement is the form LLC1, which will provide a list of all of the relevant entries in the Local Land Charges Register, and the Con29. This will provide information on, amongst other things, details on planning applications relevant to the property (whether granted or refused), building control history, any enforcement action, restrictions on permitted development, nearby road schemes, contaminated land and radon gas; in all a total of 13 subject areas. These two elements together are often referred to as a 'basic' or 'standard' search.

You can also ask additional optional questions relating to public rights of way, areas of outstanding natural beauty, pipeline, pollution notices, or town and village greens. These questions (18 in all) are contained on the Con29 Optional form, usually referred to as the Con29O.

Further to these questions, you can also ask anything which you think may be useful to know about, such as whether there are any planning permissions on adjacent land. These questions, in common with the optional enquiries mentioned above, will be at additional cost.

The Different Types of Search.

There are two different types of product available to you:

  • The official Local Authority Search, or
  • The personal search.

Official Search

The official search is conducted by trained and dedicated staff employed by your local council in their Local Land Charges unit. This, usually small, team are responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register and conducting property searches, as required. As part of this process, they will ensure that the information revealed in your search report is relevant and accurate. The vast majority of local authorities now complete this process within just a few days.

There are many advantages to using the official search product, not least of which is that, should you have any follow-up enquiries, you can go straight to the authoritative source for clarification. The official search will bear the logo of the council which provides it and the search certificate will be signed by an officer of the council. Only Local Authorities are permitted to produce and sign a Certificate of Search. In the (thankfully very rare) event that you should experience any problems resulting from errors or omissions in your report, all Local Authorities carry full indemnity insurance, which is open-ended.

Personal Search

A personal search may be conducted by anyone but in practice these are usually conducted by private companies on behalf of their clients. A personal search allows for the inspection of the Local Land Charges Register, at the council offices. All other publicly available registers may also be inspected but they may not all be located in the same place; other information may need to be obtained from the council website or by reference to committee minutes. Some of the information required to complete a search may be available on payment of an additional fee.

Local Authority Search Fees

Surrey Heath Borough Council Local Land Charges Income and Expenditure 2009/2010 – 2014/2015

Surrey Heath Borough Council Local Land Charges Income and Expenditure 2015/2016

Surrey Heath Borough Council Local Land Charges Income and Expenditure 2016/2017

Surrey Heath Borough Council Local Land Charges Incomes and Expenditure 2017/2018