Local Committee

Surrey County Council's Local Committee is made up of six county and six borough councillors. Its main roles are to:

  • decide on local services and budgets delegated to them by the County Council's Executive
  • decide on local services and functions delegated within a framework of agreed performance standards and budgets
  • monitor the quality of services locally
  • engage local people in issues of concern, and influence the County Council and its Executive on county-wide plans and services in the light of local needs.

Residents in Surrey Heath can attend Local Committee meetings and are welcome to ask questions of their local County Councillor about Surrey County Council issues in the Community. They can also send formal written questions or petitions to the Local Committee.

The six county councillors each have a funding allocation for projects and initiatives where there is a clear benefit to the community. If you wish to apply for this funding, please contact your local county councillor with details of your project.