How to raise issues

1) Contact the appropriate service or officer at the Council for information and advice.

2) Contact your ward councillor. View Councillor Details. Alternatively ring 01276 707100 and ask for either Electoral Registration or Democratic Services.

Your ward councillor can discuss the matter with appropriate Council officers and may place a topic heading on the agenda of the relevant Select Committee (or get another councillor to do so if he or she is not a member of that committee). The Committee must then discuss whether or not it wishes to ask officers to prepare a report on the issues and options.

3) Contact the portfolio holder with responsibility for the relevant subject. Alternatively ring 01276 707100 for further information. The portfolio holder can discuss the matter with appropriate Council officers and may request that a report is placed on the agenda of the Executive.

4) Ask a question at a full Council meeting. There is a period of 15 minutes set aside near the beginning of each full Council meeting for members of the public to ask questions of portfolio holders and chairmen of committees (except for matters relating to planning applications, licence matters, personal cases or confidential matters). Any question must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting.

5) There is a separate scheme for public participation at the Planning Applications Committee. View further details about questions at a Council meeting or speaking at a Planning Applications Committee