Surrey Heath is committed to providing residents with information that explains how we spend their money. The Government has set down guidelines as to the format of this information to enable residents to compare the performance of one authority against another. This data is freely re-usable under the same terms as

The data available is as follows:

Details are published annually in the Council's Financial Statements, see Finance section.

Surrey Heath, as a public body, is covered by the Freedom of Information Act. This Act gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held.

Information will be available through the - opening up government website which links all public sector bodies together.

The data sets which are published and will be published by Surrey Heath Borough Council can be found at

Organisation chart and senior salaries

Local authorities are required to publish an organisation chart covering staff in the top three levels of the organisation. The information required is the grade, job title, local authority department and team, salary in £5,000 brackets, budget. We have also included on the same page details about employees whose remuneration was at least £50,000 in brackets of £5,000. No employees earns more than £150,000.

Gender Pay Gap Report

The council is required to publish an annual gender pay gap report which will show the difference in average earnings between men and women.   The gender pay gap demonstrates the difference between the average (mean and median) earnings of men and female employees.

  • The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women.
  • The median pay gap is the difference between the mid-point in the range of hourly earnings of men and women, when arranged from lowest to highest.

The mean and median figures can be found in the Council’s Gender Pay Gap report at 31st March 2021:

Trade Union facility time

Under the transparency agenda the Council is required to publish information on trade union facility time. This includes absolute number and full time equivalent of staff who are union representatives and the union represented. No staff devote at least 50% of their time to union duties. The duties are a very small part of their normal duties.


The Transparency Code requires us as a local authority to publish a number of pieces of information about our counter fraud operation.