Sucy-en-Brie CentreSucy-en-Brie is an ancient settlement and is composed of six districts, 17km south-east of Paris, in the region of the Val de Marne. It covers an area of 1043 hectares and has a population of 25,900. Communications are good, and many local people commute to the centre of Paris daily, which takes about 20 minutes by public transport.

Although ancient in origin, the town has many modern buildings. A number of interesting chateaux and other old structures survive within its environs and the local authority has an enviable record of conservation in this field. Most of these historic survivals have been adapted for community use after restoration, including the Fort de Sucy, which dates back to 1880, and now accommodates a number of community associations.

The Cite Verte is an area of post-war high-rise development set in an historic park, and was built as part of a national programme of post-war reconstruction. The Mayor is currently in the process to trying to classify this building as an historic monument.

Sucy has approximately 940 companies consisting of commercial and craftsmanship enterprises, most notably and oldest of which is a glass making company which started in 1917. The town is well served with parks and green spaces.

Sucy has a lively social and cultural scene with a wealth of local societies. The enthusiast can indulge interests as varied as chess, pottery, enamel making, theatre workshop, painting and puppets to engraving, bridge and training for the polyathlon. Also, there is a sports park with 47 hectares of parkland to accommodate football, rugby and tennis as well as countryside trails. In all, Sucy hosts 150 cultural or sports associations.

Besides its cultural and sporting provision, it is well served by schools and colleges, and its environment is carefully nurtured to make it an attractive area in which to live and work. Despite its proximity to the capital, Sucy has fought hard to preserve its identity and traditions.

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