RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is an easy way to keep up to date with what's new on your favourite websites. Instead of having to visit all of your favourites each day, you can use RSS to allow fresh content to come direct to you. This is known as an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 'feed' - content is distributed in XML format.

Surrey Heath currently offers an RSS feed of all Council news and local events, Surrey Heath planning applications, licensing applications, committee agendas, Camberley Theatre Events Listings, and the website what's new list. The feeds can be used free of charge for personal or non-commercial purposes only.

How do I use RSS?

The latest web browsers enable RSS feed subscriptions so that you can automatically view feeds on your PC or mobile device.

You can also download a program called a News Reader. This displays RSS information feeds from your chosen websites on a daily basis. All you then have to do is choose which RSS feeds you are interested in - for example Surrey Heath Borough Council news, or Camberley Theatre Events. Different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to check that they are compatible with your computer.

Where can I get a News Reader?

There are a range of News Readers available, designed to run on different operating systems.Google is one place to find a list of the most popular readers - many are available free of charge.

How do I add Surrey Heath RSS to my list of Feeds?

Wherever you see this orange symbol on the Surrey Heath site, you can sign up for an RSS feed. Clicking on the symbol will show the code for the feed itself. If you then highlight and copy the address in your browser window, you can follow the instructions provided by your news reader to add this feed to your list.

List of RSS Feeds available