Council Book

Each year the Council approves a budget that makes provision for the total estimated cost of providing its services. This budget book contains details of the Council's spending plans for services to be provided between for each financial year, covering:

  • Day-to-day running costs: The Council's General Fund Revenue Account' budget makes financial provision for all 'operational' expenditure on services,
  • New Investment: The Capital Programme makes budget provision for expenditure on major schemes or works,
  • Maintenance of Council Assets: Separate provision is made for the major repair and maintenance of the Council's existing property, vehicle, plant and equipment through contributions to the Property Maintenance Fund and the Repairs and Renewals Fund.

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The Revenue Budget

The budget is divided into individual portfolios each of which contains a number of services. A member of the Executive is responsible for each portfolio

  • Business Portfolio
  • Regulatory Portfolio
  • Community Portfolio
  • Corporate Portfolio
  • Finance Portfolio
  • Transformation Portfolio

The overall allocation of resources to the portfolios is recommended by the Executive in January with the overall budget approved by full Council in February each year

Net Budget Requirement

The net cost of the portfolio budgets is met in part by the application of interest earned on capital and revenue balances internal funding from reserves, government grants and Council Tax.

The level of Council Tax is determined by Full Council in February each year.

The Capital Programme

The Council separately accounts for its expenditure on new assets or on the improvement of existing assets, where the benefit to the borough will extend beyond one year. Each year a new programme is approved.

The Council currently has no external loan debt and all Capital expenditure is financed from reserves generated from the sale of land and other assets. Any money raised in this way can only be used on capital expenditure and not on supporting services.

The Collection Fund

The Council collects local taxation within the Borough on behalf of Surrey County Council, Surrey Police and the Parish Councils as well as that needed to meet its own requirements. The money collected is separately managed along with central government grants. Of the total collected only 12% or so remains with Surrey Heath.

Further information and analysis is included in the Council Tax leaflet, which is issued to all of the Borough's residents and businesses.