Changes to the Provision of Taxi Ranks

Informal Consultation on Changes to the Provision of Hackney Carriage Stands (Taxi Ranks) following the High Street Camberley Public Realm Works in 2019
The aim of the Public Realm works is to increase the amount of space available to pedestrians, creating an important hub that can be used for a variety of public events / uses and decluttering the High Street.
As a result the amount of kerb side parking will reduce. The proposed parking provision is explained and shown in the plans below. 
We would like to take this opportunity to consult the taxi trade on this document and advise the other proposed solution  which does impact negatively on the provision of taxi ranks in the High Street, Camberley.
The proposal for taxi ranks in the High Street Camberley is:
Reduce the High Street taxi rank adjacent to Santander, from 7 taxis to 4 taxis
To mitigate this loss it is proposed to:
  • Create a new Park Street taxi rank, adjacent to Moss Bros, for 2 taxis.
  • The loss of one space will be off-set by the increased use of the existing Camberley town centre spaces:
Obelisk Way, space for 4 taxis
Princess Road West, space for 2 taxis
Charles Street, space for 3 taxis
During the construction work, the High Street rank will be out of use.
It will be necessary for the Taxi Trade and the Council to promote the day time use of these existing ranks which are currently underutilised.
Please address your comments / queries by 19/10/2018 to