Frames - Animators and Filmmakers Collective

Frames is an incubator / social hub for budding animators and filmmakers based in Surrey (and the surrounding areas). Open to anyone with a passion for storytelling and creative video making, utilising the medium of Animation. Frames aim is to build a collective of members who possess a desire to collaborate, develop skills, acquire knowledge and increase their network of like minded individuals. 

The group was founded by Dan Weaver (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fudge Animation Studios, Camberley) and is sponsored by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

“We’ve found over the past couple of years that there is an incredible creative pool of writers, directors, animators, artists, motion graphic designers, VFX artists, model makers, sound designers, conceptual designers, comedy writers, songwriters etc, right on our very own door step. Frames has been set up to help bring that talent together into one room… And see what kind of magic it can produce!!”

Frames meet up every month at the Camberley Theatre on the last Thursday of every month