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There is an annual subscription charge of £35.00 (including VAT). Businesses based in Surrey Heath receive 50% discount on the annual subscription and pay only £17.50 for the year! This charge is only incurred to businesses not to charity, leisure or community organisations.

Foe sports clubs and organisations, please see our separate Sports and Leisure directory.

Please note: the inclusion of any company name in this directory should not be seen as an endorsement of that company's products and/or services, nor it is a select list of companies that the Council uses.


Organisation name Organisation type Organisation category
Chetwood Lawton & Morrison Business Service
ChildLine Charity Children Section
Chimneyboys Business Construction
Chobham Business Club Community Organisation Community
Chobham Parish Council Public Sector Community
Chobham, Bisley and West End Sure Start Children's Community Organisation Community Centres
Christopher's Smile Registered Charity Charity Health and Beauty
Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd Business Accountants
Churchill Retirement Living Business Construction
Citizens Advice Surrey Heath Charity Community
Clear Channel (UK) Limited Business Marketing
Collectively Camberley Community Organisation Marketing
ColourWheel North Surrey Business Crafts
Commercial People Business Commercial Property
Connect Christian Counselling Service Community Organisation Community
Conquest Consultancy Business Social Media
Creams Cafe Business Restaurant
Crimestoppers Community Organisation Service
Crossley Club Community Organisation Community Centres
Crowthorne Amateur Theatrical Society Community Organisation Community