Surrey Heath Borough Council have designed this site to be as accessible as possible to all our citizens.

The Surrey Heath web site is working towards Level AA compliance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - Web Accessibility Initiative.

The following accessibility features are intended to make the site easy to use for all visitors. However, with the numerous website browsers and versions now available, more specific information can often be found using your browser's help.


Readspeaker is available on every page so that you can have an audio version of the web content if preferred. Simply click on the Listen icon located at the top of each page 

When you click the Listen button, ReadSpeaker opens the player and starts reading the content of the page. The text is also highlighted while it is being read, reinforcing a better understanding of the text. You can also customise the settings such as the reading speed so that you get the most out of the audio.

Changing text size and Contrast

Some users with certain visual impairments may find that the default text size of websites make them difficult to read. All of the text elements of the Surrey Heath site can be expanded by making use of browser functionality. Please view your chosen browser settings to see how to set up and control text size and contrast elements.

For more detailed information on changing your text size options permanently and for other accessibility settings available, please visit the BBCs accessibility pages.

Plain English

We aim to use plain language throughout the site and try to avoid using unnecessary jargon and acronyms. Some text documents such as Committee agendas and minutes may contain more complex or technical language.

Languages and Translation

You can translate areas of the Surrey Heath website into a number of different languages by using a free translation facility provided by Yahoo! - Babelfish Language Translation.

If you would like to talk to council staff by using your first language, then ask about Language Line in the Contact Centre.


We provide a text alternative for all images on the website.

Opening and downloading Adobe Acrobat documents

Downloadable documents on the site are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Throughout the site we have provided a link to the Adobe Acrobat website so that you can download the free Adobe Reader needed to open a PDF. The current version of Acrobat Reader (version 7) has improved accessibility features and includes the facility to read the text out loud.

Interactive maps

Whilst every effort has been made, it is not currently possible to make Geographic Information System (GIS maps) completely accessible to all users (for instance Javascript and style sheets must be enabled).

You can access a wide range of the information available in these maps in text format within the My Surrey Heath application. If you require help with the interactive maps call James Rutter, GIS Manager on 01276 707100.