Recycle Right

Over the last year, we have had our first rejected loads from the recycling plant since 2009. Rejected loads contain unacceptable items such as, food, nappies, paint tins/pots, garden waste, textiles, electrical items, flowers/plants, rigid plastics, sacks, and a variety of other items.

Right stuff. Right bin.

We have tried to make the Recycling & Waste Collection Service as simple as possible to make recycling easy. It is important for everyone to Recycle Right.

This means;

  • Only putting acceptable items in the recycling bin (see bin lid)
  • Making sure all acceptable items are in the bin loose ( items should not be bagged)
  • Ensuring all items are clean and dry (please make sure containers are empty and any food waste is put in your caddy)


There are many things that are recyclable, but this does not mean to say that they can go in the recycling bin. It is important that only acceptable items are put in the recycling bin.

There are “Other Recyclables” that we can collect but these must be kept separate.

There are separate collections for the following;


Extra recycling?

Please flatten cardboard boxes and squash plastic bottles to make the most of the space in your bin.

If you still have extra recycling, please avoid using black sacks if possible. If you put out extra recycling in sacks/bags, please do not tie the tops as the crew must be able to check the contents. To prevent spills, only half fill the sack/bag. If you regularly have extra recycling, please apply for an additional green wheelie bin.


Wrong stuff. Wrong bin.

Some residents have been putting mixed waste in their recycling bins which has meant they cannot be emptied. It is the resident’s responsibility to remove the unacceptable materials/content, or take the contents to their nearest Household Waste Centre. The unacceptable materials/content must be removed to ensure further scheduled collections.