Camberley on Ice - Information for local residents

The Camberley on Ice event is taking place on London Road Recreation Ground throughout December.

The aim of the event, organised by Event by Event and supported by Surrey Heath Borough Council, is to bring a new festive attraction to Camberley - for the benefit of local residents, and to attract visitors from further afield. Promoting Camberley as a vibrant destination is essential for the long term success of the town.

The following information clarifies some of the questions or concerns about the event.

  • Location 
    The choice of London Road Recreation Ground as the venue for the event was due to practical reasons – after considering various locations in the town centre, due to the size of the facilities required the park was the only viable location which could accommodate them.
  • Traffic calming
    Southwell Park Road will not be closed.  The only traffic calming measure that will be implemented is a “no right hand turn” at the junction of Southwell Park road and Charles Street  which we believe will reduce queues at busy periods.
    View diagram of Southwell Park Road and Park Road junction
  • Parking Control
    Parking control will be temporarily extended to 9pm including Saturdays and Sundays throughout the duration of the event to discourage ice-rink parking in surrounding roads. This will be managed by increased patrols by civil enforcement officers.

    Residents with parking permits will still be able to park as normal and extra temporary permits will be sent to all residents living in Grand Avenue and Southwell Park Road. Residents in the other surrounding roads who would like a temporary parking permit can request one by emailing

If you experience any problems during the event in relation to parking, then please call our parking services team on 01276 707100 during office hours and 07836 767294 weekends and evenings.

  • Encouraging visitors to use town centre parking
    Strategically placed AA signs on main routes into the town will direct traffic toward Knoll Road car park and then Main Square. Skaters will be able to park in Knoll Road for free and at a reduced price in Main Square. There will also be a clearly signposted pedestrian route from our car parks to the ice-rink across the town.
  • Adherence to licence conditions
    Camberley on Ice has been granted a licence subject to it adhering to a number of strict conditions focusing in particular on noise levels and visitor numbers. For full details of these conditions please see the licensing decision notice.

    The agreed ambient sound level in area surrounding the park is 50db LA90 which was based on model occurring levels recorded over 4 days from the locations determined by the Licensing Authority.

If you have any concerns regarding noise levels or any other issues relating to the event then please call Camberley on Ice on 07494 594007.

  • Planning Application
    Planning was granted on 25/10/2016 subject to conditions
    View the full Planning Application - reference 16/0814
  • Impact on London Road Recreation Ground
    We accept that this event has had an impact on the appearance and accessibility of the park and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. However, once the event is over, we will return the park to its original state, and where permanent changes have been made make every effort to ensure they are as unobtrusive as possible.

As we have previously stated, it has always been our intention for Camberley on Ice to be a quality, family-focused event which we hope that local residents will come along to, enjoy and benefit from.

If you would like any more information on the event, please visit