Recycling Collections for Schools

Surrey Heath Borough Council currently offer (weekly) food waste collections, mixed recycling and refuse collections to schools in the borough.
View the links below to check which day food waste, recycling and refuse is collected

If you need any recycling help or advice please do contact us (see Contact Us panel for telephone & email information)

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Food waste collections What can be collected Downloads and information

Cooked and uncooked food waste including;

  • left-over school dinners
  • solid fat
  • other food preparation waste
  • apple cores, banana skins & other fruit waste

List of other food items that can be recycled


Caddies can be lined using compostable liners or paper.

  • The silver caddy is a 7 Litre container. Compostable liners are available in either 7L or 10L capacity.
  • The dark green caddy is a 23L container. Compostable liners are available in either 25L or 30L capacity.

Please be aware - quality are price can vary between suppliers.

Cooked food needs to be treated using either the In-Vessel or Anaerobic Digestion process.
The food waste becomes electricity and compost.


Please remember that recycling should be put in the green bin loose - don't bag it !


Recycling Collections What can be collected Downloads and information

A wide range of materials including;

  • paper/card,
  • (empty) cartons,
  • plastic bottles
  • cans (from kitchen)
  • fizzy drink cans
  • aluminium foil
  • glass bottles






Thank you everyone- keep up the good recycling!