Car Park Permits


Camberley Town Centre

Surrey Heath Borough Council offers parking permits for businesses and individuals for Main Square (The Square) Multi Storey Car Park, Knoll Road Multi Storey Car Park and Camberley Town Centre Service Areas. Please click on the car park name for further information and to download the relevant application form.

12 Month Permit £995
6 Month Permit £575
3 Month Permit £290

12 Month Permit £825
6 Month Permit £475
3 Month Permit £240

12 Month Permit £995

Benefits of Parking Permits in Knoll Road and Main Square Car Park include:

  • In an average working year of 240 days (Monday-Friday, 4 weeks holiday) a Knoll Road Car Park Permit offers 15% discount on parking whilst a Main Square Permit offers 40% saving. Prices have not risen for 8 years and are cheaper than a decade ago!
  • Permits can be used at weekends without any additional cost.
  • ANPR technology means it’s as easy as driving in and driving out. There is no queuing at Paystations which consequently speeds up everyone’s journey times and there is no requirement to keep cash or cards on you.
  • Multiple vehicles on a single permit means it can be shared amongst family or colleagues as long as only one vehicle is in the car park at any one time.
  • Changing your vehicle or details is as simple as a call or email and it is updated almost instantly, within working hours.
  • Safe and secure parking, with 24/7 support available 365 days a year on site.
  • Main Square Car Park offers dedicated permit bays whereas Knoll Road is first come first served.
  • Extra wide bays are available in both car parks at no extra cost.
  • Various payment methods are available, including Direct Debit.
  • Permits can be ordered for time periods of 3, 6 or 12 months

Out of Town / Rural Car Park Permits

Businesses and residents in Surrey Heath are able to apply for permits for out of town / rural car parks spread around the borough. These include Bagshot Car Park, Chobham Car Park, Burrell Road Car Park (off Frimley High Street) and Watchetts Car Park (off Frimley Road). There is one form that covers each of these car parks, excluding York Town, and it is kindly requested that you indicate on the form your selection. Residential permits for Portesbery Road Car Park are available on demand only as this car park is fully subscribed with a waiting list in operation.

Residential Rural Car Park 12 Month Permit £100
Businesses Rural Car Park 12 Month Permit £375
Wilton Road Car Park 12 Month Permit £300
York Town Car Park 12 Month Permit £540
York Town Resident Car Park Temporary Waiver 12 Month Permit £100

    Suspensions of Bay

    Suspensions of bay are granted on a discretionary basis by Surrey Heath Borough Council based on a variety of factors including traffic flow, health and safety and disruption to residents. Please contact Parking Services directly on 01276 707100 or email parking services as each application is based on individual merit.

    Direct Debit Payment

    Please note if you are looking to make payment by Direct Debit you may download the form and mandate for this below. Please note this option is only available when paying for a full annual permit for businesses and not for residential permits.

    Coach & Lorry Parking 

    There is no dedicated parking for coaches or lorries in Surrey Heath. Please contact Parking Services on 01276 707100 or email for advice on special occasion parking for coaches in the area.