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30 June 2015

ROAR - a waste collection scheme worth making a noise about

Released on 23 March 2009

RoaryMeet Roary the recycling tiger, Surrey Heath Borough Council's latest recruit who has been enlisted to help raise awareness of the council's ground breaking waste collection scheme to be introduced this September.

ROAR, which stands for Recycling Organics And Refuse is the name of the new scheme that will help promote the importance of looking after the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, and Roary is delighted to be fronting the Surrey Heath waste campaign.

Under the new scheme, food waste caddies will be provided for all food and organic waste, including dairy products, cooked vegetables, meat, fish and even bones. The food waste will be stored in secure, sealed containers and will be collected on a weekly basis.

In addition, a green wheeled bin will be provided for the recycling of a broader range of materials than almost any other local authority. These will include paper, cardboard and junk mail, catalogues, juice cartons and TetraPak, plastic bottles, plastic food containers and plastic bags, cans, foil, aerosols as well as glass bottles and jars. A grey wheeled bin will be provided for the little refuse left over.

The council hopes that this scheme will help it increase its recycling rate from around 30% to in excess of 50% and significantly decrease the amount of waste the borough sends to landfill. In addition, the ability to collect both food waste weekly and either recyclables or residual waste in the same lorry will reduce the environmental impact of the scheme.

Over the next few months the 'Roary Roadshow' will be appearing at numerous events across the borough showing people how the new scheme will work, what the new bins and food caddies look like and giving help and advice about what they can expect from the new scheme.

Cllr Vivienne Chapman, portfolio holder for waste and recycling said: "The new waste scheme will have a huge impact on Surrey Heath's residents and the way in which they dispose of their household waste and with the help of Roary we hope to make the transition from black bag to wheeled bin as easy as possible.

" I am really pleased that we will be collecting food waste. This currently goes into landfill, which then produces methane gases that are 21% higher than carbon emissions and polluting the atmosphere. "

As this is such a big departure from the current system it is important that residents are fully prepared for the change-over in September and to help with this the council will be sending a ROAR newsletter to all households in May and then a further one in July, as well as providing residents with further information in the Spring edition of Heathscene. In the meantime residents can find detailed information on the council website - or phone the dedicated ROAR telephone number 01276 707690.

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