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01 July 2015

Flooding Road Closure update

Released on 10 February 2009

Update 5pm - Current list of closures/restricted access due to flooding known to Surrey Highways

Bagshot Lane, Woking
River Lane, Wreclesham
Ockham Road North
Waverley Lane, Farnham
Smarts Heath Lane, Woking
Chilsey Green Road, Chertsey - significant flooding & threat to property.
Midhurst Road, Waverley
Bagshot Road, Chobham
Philpot Lane, Chobham
Mill House Lane, Thorpe
Mill Lane, Thorpe
Frith Hill Road, Farncombe - Land slip
Sheephatch Lane, Tilford
Long Lane/Chesterton Drive/Milton Gardens, Stanwell - property flooded.

The A319 Bagshot Road, A319 Chertsey Road, B383 Windsor Road & A3046 High Street Chobham are now open.

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