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29 July 2015


FishingFishing is not permitted on Alphington Pond, Tomlins Pond, Round Pond, Blackwater Park, Watchetts lakes and Watchmoor Reserve. There are several reasons why fishing is not permitted on the above ponds.

  • Often rubbish is left which is not only unsightly but, in the case of discarded line and hooks can lead to injury to wildfowl.
  • Fishing tackle such as hooks and line accidentally lost can again lead to bad injury to wildfowl on the ponds.
  • General disturbance of wildfowl around the pond, a particular problem at breeding time.
  • Disturbance to residents living nearby.

If people are interested in fishing locally then Hammonds Pond at Lightwater Country Park is a good venue. It is leased to Lightwater Angling Society and a reasonably priced season permit is available from them.

For an application form and further details please contact the membership secretary Mr Chris Watts.

Lightwater Angling Society
Mr Chris Watts
Tel: 01252 680230
Web: Lightwater Angling Society Opens in a new window

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