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19 December 2014

Applying for Housing

How do I apply for a Council or Housing Association home?
In Surrey Heath there are no Council properties. What used to be Council properties are usually referred to as 'affordable' or 'social' housing.

All the affordable and social housing in Surrey Heath is owned by Housing Associations.

Although the Council has no properties we still have certain legal duties to re-house people and assess the housing requirements of people in our district.

We fulfil our duty to house people by nominating them to Housing Association vacancies. However, there are always more people waiting to be nominated to a Housing Association tenancy than there are properties available. To decide who has a greater priority for a new home we have devised a Joint Allocation Policy with Accent South.

This Policy is a mixture of Government requirement and local policy. It describes the way that we look at each person's housing situation and how we give points to measure that person's priority. Everyone who applies to the Council is assessed in the same way.

To be assessed for housing you need first to complete a Housing Register form. The Housing Register is the list of everyone that has been assessed and is waiting for housing in order of his or her priority.

Application packs are available from the Housing Options Team either by calling in to the Council Offices, ringing on 01276 707127 or emailing

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