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27 January 2015

Changes to the Allocation Policy - how do they affect you?

The Council has made some changes to the Allocation Policy that could affect the way your application is assessed. These changes apply from 1st January 2014.

The main changes are:

Sheltered housing
If you, and your partner if you are a couple, are over 60 years of age you can apply for sheltered housing in Surrey Heath even if you do not have a recognised local connection to the Borough.

Your first child
If you are expecting your first child you will not be considered for a two bedroom home until your baby is born.

Adult children
If your children are over 18 and have left home they will not be considered as part of your household if they return, unless it is for you to be their primary carer or them to be your primary carer.

Homeless households
If you are homeless and have been living in temporary accommodation arranged by the Council for 6 months then bids will be made on your behalf. Bids will only be made on suitable properties in the areas you have said you would like to live in but you must chose at least three areas in the Borough. Please note that it can take up to 7 working days to respond to any requests to change your area preferences.

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