Food Waste Information

Food waste collections are offered to all schools in Surrey Heath and are currently free of charge.

Caddies can be provided on request. See table below for size guide. Schools are free to source appropriate liners for the silver and green caddies and also for the outside wheeled bin if they wish. 

Plastic liners (but not black sacks) can now be used to contain food waste and/or line the outdoor bin. You can use up any compostable sacks you have or use paper sacks if you prefer.


Type of food waste container Options

Silver, indoor caddy (7 litre)

This size is usually suitable for classrooms & staff room / kitchenette

Plastic bags can now be used.

You can reuse any plastic bags or if you are buying liners, we would suggest a 10L liner.

Dark green caddy (23 litre)

Containers this size are more appropriate for use in the main kitchen, dining hall or playground.

Plastic bags can now be used.

25L or 30L liners recommended.

Collection container (180L wheeled bin)

This is a household-sized wheelie bin provided for the collection crew to empty

Large paper sacks or plastic liners - but not black sacks please!

View 240 litre paper liners available from

View supplier for 240 litre paper sack liners available from


If you need further help or advice, please contact us using the Recycling Complaint/Enquiry Form on the Request it Report It page