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02 August 2014

What is an area of Special Advertisement Control?


What is an area of Special Advertisement Control?


What is an Area of Special Control of Advertisements?
An Area of Special Control of Advertisements is an area specifically defined by the planning authority because they consider that its scenic, historical, architectural or cultural features are so significant that a stricter degree of advertisement control is justified in order to conserve visual amenity within that area. Legislation requires that Areas of Special Control are to be:

  • rural areas; or
  • other areas which appear to the Secretary of State or the Welsh Assembly to require'special protection on grounds of amenity'.

Before any Area of Special Control defined by a local planning authority can be effective, the Secretary of State or the Welsh Assembly must approve it. This approval procedure ensures that nationally applicable standards are used in determining what areas are to have stricter advertisement control.

In practice, Areas of Special Control vary considerably in their extent. For example, large areas of the Lake District and the Peak District and of the counties of North Yorkshire, Norfolk, Devin and Cornwall are Areas of Special Control, as are, at the other extreme, the cathedral precinct in York and small areas in the city of Leeds.The boundary of any Area of Special Control must always be defined precisely, by reference to an Ordnance Survey base-map, so that it is possible to ascertain whether particular premises are within special control or not. For this reason, it may be worth checking exactly where the boundary is because there may be small enclaves (such as a moderately sized town) where the stricter provisions do not apply.

In any Area of Special Control of Advertisements three main categories of outdoor advertising are permitted. They are:

  • public notices
  • advertisements inside a building
  • advertisements for which there is deemed consent

Additionally, the planning authority may give their specific consent in an Area of Special Control for:

  • notices about local events or activities;
  • advance signs or directional signs which are ' reasonably required' in order to direct people to the place identified the sign;
  • an advertisement required for public safety reasons; and
  • an advertisement in any of the deemed consent classes if it is considered reasonable for the normal limits on that class to be exceeded.

The main consequence for advertisements which can be displayed with deemed consent in an Area of Special Control is that there are stricter limits on permitted height and size of the advertisement than elsewhere. These limits are explained in relation to each class of deemed consent.

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